Is anything more important than life?

Life is your most precious asset, so protect you and the people you care about the most with life insurance today. If you have a family, it is essential to think about their wellbeing and what would happen to them in the case of your incapacitation or death. Although it’s not a “fun” topic to imagine, anything could happen unexpectedly. Accidents, irreversible health problems, or tragedies could leave your family high and dry with regards to finances.

Korsgaden–Jansma Insurance Agency is a family owned company who specialize in protecting families for all of life’s mishaps, adventures and the ups and downs that can occur. We offer California life insurance policies to everyone, from single parents to new families; to business owners or recent retirees. You can be sure that Farmers Insurance has an affordable life insurance program that is perfect for your situation.

Reassurance for your family


There may be other benefits to having life insurance, aside from the obvious peace of mind that your family would be able to manage the household in the event of your passing. Some life insurance policies are non-taxable to your loved ones, so they could go on living even if you are the main income earner of your household.

Plus, some life insurance programs can also help your family with medical expenses, burial costs or estate taxes, as well as financing a move or giving them a reprieve to find a job, in the event of your demise. Life insurance covers ongoing financial commitments, including utilities, mortgage payments, college tuition or even daycare expenses if you have children.

Live your life, your way, with a smart Life Insurance program behind you.
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