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Farmer’s Home Insurance provides total protection for your home and family. Get a free quote, check coverage options and take advantage of tremendous discounts.

Your home is your safe haven and place where many memories are made. It’s more than just a roof over your head; your house is at the core of your world. That’s why it can be so upsetting when something happens, such as the unforeseeable catastrophe, natural disaster, fire, flooding, or even something less major such as roof damage and other structural occurrences. Losing your home is not something you ever want to think about, yet essential to prepare for.

Visalia homeowners Insurance

At Korsgaden–Jansma Insurance Agency, we understand the gravity of your property and just how much it means to you and your entire family. We provide insurance to safeguard your property, structures and its contents under one roof.

Let’s face it, not many people have a few hundred thousand dollars kicking around in a savings account in the event of something disastrous. Or if someone visits your property and gets injured, a resulting lawsuit could destroy your family’s finances. Instead, enjoy the solid peace of mind that we can provide through a California home insurance plan. Many mortgage companies require it, but even if they do not, having property insurance is just a smart thing to do.

Typical property insurance policies can cover:

  • Buildings and structures – including your home, garage, shed, pool or any dwellings on your acreage.
  • Personal property – includes your possessions and personal belongings, such as the furniture, clothing, media equipment, and even the small stuff you own.
  • Personal liability – the people who visit your property or any damage you cause unto others accidentally will protect your family accordingly.
  • Renters insurance – in case you are not the owner of the house in which you live – such as the rental of a single family residence, condo, townhome or apartment – this type of insurance covers your assets and inhabitants.
  • Improvements, renovations or additions – deciding to do home improvement can create a need for an additional clause within your property policy.

Your home is where you live your life, so make sure
you choose the right home insurance policy to protect it.
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