Visalia Business Insurance


Your business is your dream. Protect it.

You’ve worked hard to launch your business. It’s been your dream and passion for a long time, so don’t risk losing what you have worked so hard to achieve by operating without business insurance.

Because we are small business owners, Korsgaden–Jansma Insurance Agency has a special place in our hearts for people who pursue their goals. That’s why we want to make sure you have the protection you need to continue growing and building your dream.  We can provide you with customized small business insurance that is tailored to the nature of your industry.

We think of things you don’t to ensure smooth operations

From talking to business owners just like you, we’ve heard a lot of both strange and common stories of lawsuits, accidents, theft, vandalism or other setbacks that can hinder the growth of your company. In fact, for some unlucky business owners, not having business insurance could mean the death of your company in just the blink of an eye. Farmers Business Insurance covers both the foreseen and unforeseen with a plan that suits your profession perfectly.

We are familiar with the numerous risks you must take just to own a business. Customers, employees, equipment, property, vehicles and other financial liabilities must be assessed by one of our trained business insurance agents to determine how much coverage you really need.  With us behind you, as a business owner you can operate more effectively and professionally.

Let us help your business maintain optimal performance.
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